Monday, September 16, 2013


Kali ni nak post entry READYMADE
Sape yg berkenan bleh contact tau,

Owl Pillow


Baby Headband

Door n Car Signaged

Hairclip n Brooch

Korang bleh gak cuci mata kat sini

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

hi guys...lama giler xupdate...
lbihkan pada yg snang kan...kat sini kena btul2 de msa bru bleh entry
whatever pun nak ltak gak la pict2 yg penah disebarkan di fb kan
ni pict brg craft yg fa ltak kat booth fwenz time Karnival Belia @ Putrajaya baru2 ni

 Brooch Harimau

 Flower Hair Clip

 Brooch Flower

 Owl Hp Strap

Flower Headband

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hi u all's
kali ni nak post cite ready made lagi
yg ni tuk bdak skolah 4 ari kantin dia plak
xdela ltak barang byak sgat
pe yg de je...

Bookmark with love

Bookmark with butterfly

Bookmark with Ladybird

Bookmark with Cake

Flower Brooch

Owl phonestrap

Owl Brooch

Owl Phone Strap Again..

So sape2 yg berminat cari fa k...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Brooch Time

Flower brooch
Stat wat ready made before Raya tadi..
Dapat la jual dlam 2,3 bulk
Ltak sana,ltak sini,tinggal skit yg xabis

kite sambung lagi nnt k...daaa


Hi guys..lama da x buka blog...
buka2 jer sume lain...
bkan pe xde msa la nak update ,wat ayat pnjang2 ni kan
what ever pun...layannnn
Post lpas fa janji nak smbung pict pillowkan...
n tadaaaa...

Angry Birds.
Diya,Damia n Qaseh

Farewell present

Another farewell present

Order for besday present..

anyone interest contact fa k...tq

Monday, April 2, 2012


Sekarang tengah berjinak2 n merapatkan diri dgan cubaan membuat bantal plak
ni la antara hasil nyer..

From K.zahrah

Bulk from C.Zahar

actually de lg 
nnt fa smbung blik k...daa
interest? k...tq

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lin Handmade Giveaway

Start this year with a giveaway
Who's giveaway???
come n join with me..

The lucky winner will be won this
The set of quilling supplies are:
1 slotted quilling tool
1 quilling comb
1 bottle of white glue
1 mini circle template
5 packs of multicoloured shredded quilling paper
7 A6 size metallic cards (white, gold, bronze, red, blue, purple and dark grey)

But only 1 person get get this!!

1) She accept participants from anyone around the world. ~ I'm are Malaysian
2) Be follower, at her blog or at  fan page or both :).~ Both
3)Paste the photo of the giveaway at the side bar of your blog or at your facebook profile with a link of the blog giveaway.~Done
 4)Add your name and url at Mr Linky widget below.~Done

This blog giveaway ends at 11.59pm on 30th of March 2012. She will announce the name of the winner on 31st of March 2012. 

Good Luck every one

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Button Brooch For Grab!!!!

Sempena ari raya ni
iefadesign de wat brooch munge2 untuk dijual...
bleh tgok kat cni juge..
Facebook iefadesign

Colourfull Brooch

Colourfull Brooch

Interest Contact Fa yee...
n Iefadesign de gak design len
nnt Fa upload lagi k


Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Drop Perfumes

Set 1 For Women (Code Product : W1)
1.Inspired by Escape, Calvin Klein
2.Inspired by Romance LPV, Ralph Lauren
3.Inspired by Pleasure, Estee Lauder
4.Inspired by Jennifer, Jennifer Lopez
5.Inspired by For Her, Narciso Rodrigues
6.Inspired by Baby Doll, Yves Saint Lauren
7.Inspired by Cool Water for Women, Davidoff
8.Inspired by Apple Blossom, Body Shop
Set 2 For Women (Code Product : W2)
1.Inspired by Tresor, Lancome
2.Inspired by Envy, Gucci
3.Inspired by Kenzo Flower, Kenzo
4.Inspired by Eternity for Women, Calvin Klein
5.Inspired by Gloria, Cacharel 6.Inspired by Miracle, Lancome
7.Inspired by J’adore, Dior
8.Inspired by Intense, Hugo Bos
Set 3 For Women (Code Product : W3)

1.Inspired by CK Be, Calvin Klein
2.Inspired by No.5, Chanel
3.Inspired by Light Blue, Dolce & Gabbana
4.Inspired by Vanilla Musk, Coty
5.Inspired by Sunflower, Elizabeth Arden
6.Inspired by Women Boss, Hugo Boss
7.Inspired by Palace, Paris Hilton
8.Inspired by Poeme, Lancome
Set 4 For Women (Code Product : W4)
1.Inspired by Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel
2.Inspired by Aqua di Gio (Women), Giorgio Armani
3.Inspired by Lolita Lempicka, Lolita Lempicka
4.Inspired by Baby Jesz, One Drop
5.Inspired by Gold, Amouage
6.Inspired by Montana “Parfum de Peau”, Montana
7.Inspired by Yohji, Yohji Yamamoto
8.Inspired by Amarige, Givenchy
Set 5 For Women (Code Product : W5)
1. Inspired by Fairy Dust, Paris Hilton
2. Inspired by Flower, Kenzo
3. Inspired by Eau De, Givenchy
4. Inspired by Magnifique, Lancome
5. Inspired by Gardenia, Elizabeth Taylor
6. Inspired by Madame, Jean Paul Gaultier
7. Inspired by Pure Poison, Christian Dior
8. Inspired by Midnight Fantasy, Britney Spears

Set 6 For Women (Code Product : W6)
1. Inspired by Secret Obsession, Calvin Klein
2. Inspired by Essence, Narciso Rodriguez
3. Inspired by Aqua Allegoria, Guerlain
4. Inspired by Ocean Lounge, Escada
5. Inspired by Boss Orange, Hugo Boss
6. Inspired by Cheap & Chic, Moschino
7. Inspired by Gregarious, One Drop Perfumes
8. Inspired by Secret Wish, Anna Sui

Set 1 For Men (Code Product : M1)
1.Inspired by Blue Jeans, Versace
2.Inspired by CK One, Calvin Klein
3.Inspired by Eternity, Calvin Klein
4.Inspired by Polo Sport, Ralph Lauren
5.Inspired by Acqua di Gio, Calvin Klein
6.Inspired by Issey Miyaki, Issey Miyaki
7.Inspired by Hugo Men, Hugo Boss
8.Inspired by Pour Homme, Paco Rabbane
1.Inspired by Boss Signature, Hugo Boss
2.Inspired by Tuscany per Uomo, Aramis
3.Inspired by Cool Water, Davidoff
4.Inspired by Drakkar Noir, Guy Laroche
5.Inspired by L’Eau d’lssey pour Homme, Issey Miyake
6.Inspired by Allure Pour Homme, Chanel
7.Inspired by Le Male, J.P. Gaultier
8.Inspired by Pleasures for Men, Estee Lauder
Set 3 For Men (Code Product : M3)
1.Inspired by Desire, Dunhill
2.Inspired by Hugo XY, Hugo Boss
3.Inspired by Dior Sport, Christian Dior
4.Inspired by Miracle Homme, L’Aquatonic
5.Inspired by White Musk for Men, Body Shop
6.Inspired by Diamonds for Men, Emporio Amani
7.Inspired by Sculpture, Homme
8.Inspired by Epiphany, One Drop Perfumes

Set 4 For Men (Code Product : M4)
1. Inspired by Polo Black, Raplh Lauren
2. Inspired by La™ Essence, Cerutti
3. Inspired by Astute, One Drop Perfumes
4. Inspired by La™Amoureux 6, Dolce & Gabbana
5. Inspired by One Million, Paco Rabbane
6. Inspired by Conspicuous, One Drop Perfumes
7. Inspired by Antidote, Viktor & Rolf
8. Inspired by Insence Ultramarine, Givency

1. In spired by M, Mariah Carey 
2. Inspired by Lovely, Sarah Jessica Parker
3. Inspired by Curious, Britney Spears
4. Inspired by Kate, Kate Moss
5. Inspired by Show Time, Kylie Minoque
6. Inspired by Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton
7. Inspired by Black Pearl, Elizabert Taylor 
8. Inspired by Glow, Jennifer Lopez

1. Inspired by Instinct, David Beckham
2. Inspired by Unforgivable, Sean John
3. Inspired by True Star, Enrique Iglesies
4. Inspired by Jordan, Michael Jordan
5. Inspired by Adventure, Ewan McGregor
6. Inspired by Life, Andre Agassi
7. Inspired by Blue Seduction, Antonio Banderas
8. Inspired by He, Usher

Chic Set For Girl (Code Product : CS)
Perfume 1 : Pop My Berry
Perfume 2: Look At Me Blossom
Perfume 3: Fall In Love With Me
Perfume 4: You’ll Remember Me .

Set 1 Green for WOMEN Mini (Code Product : W1 MINI)
Inspired by Escape, Calvin Klein
Inspired by Pleasure, Estee Lauder
Inspired by Apple Blossom, Body Shop
Inspired by Cool Water for Women, Davidoff

Set 2 for WOMEN Mini (Code Product : W2 MINI)
Inspired by Eternity for Women, Calvin Klein
Inspired by Envy, Gucci
Inspired by Intense, Hugo Boss
Inspired by Heaven, One Drop Perfumes
Set 3 for WOMEN Mini (Code Product : W3 MINI)
Inspired by Sunflower, Elizabeth Arden
Inspired by Women Boss, Hugo Boss
Inspired by CK Be, Calvin Klein
Inspired by Palace, Paris Hilton
et 4 for WOMEN Mini (Code Product : W4 MINI)
Inspired by Amarige, Givenchy
Inspired by Montana, ” Parfum de Peau”, Montana
Inspired by Baby Jasz, One Drop Perfumes
Inspired by Yohji, Yohji Yamamoto
Set 5 for WOMEN Mini (Code Product : W5 MINI)
Inspired by Midnight Fantasy, Britney Spears
Inspired by Madame, Jean Paul Gaultier
Inspired by Flower, Kenzo
Inspired by Pure Poison, Christian Dior

Dude Set For Boy (Code Product : DS)
Perfume 1 : X
Perfume 2: Viva La Vida
Perfume 3: Ohh La La
Perfume 4: Hey Sexy

Set 1 for MEN Mini (Code Product : M1 MINI)
Inspired by Acqua di Gio, Giorgio Armani
Inspired by Eternity, Calvin Klein
Inspired by Polo Sport, Ralph Lauren
Inspired by Hugo Men, Hugo Boss
Set 2 for MEN Mini (Code Product : M2 MINI)
Inspired by Pleasure for Men, Estee Lauder
Inspired by Boss Signature, Hugo Boss
Inspired by Cool Water, Davidoff
Inspired by Echo, Davidoff

Set 3 for MEN Mini (Code Product : M3 MINI)
Inspired by Desire, Dunhill
Inspired by Sculpture, Homme
Inspired by Dior, Christian Dior
Inspired by White Musk for Men, Body Shop

MEN Celebrities’ Special Mini (Code Product : CM MINI)
Inspired by Instinct, David Beckham
Inspired by Unforgivable, Sean John
Inspired by Jordan, Michael Jordan
Inspired by Adventure, Ewan McGregor
WOMEN Celebrities’ Special Mini (Code Product : CW MINI)
Inspired by M, Mariah Carey
Inspired by Kate, Kate Moss
Inspired by Show Time, Kylie Minoque
Inspired by Glow, Jennifer Lopez

Sape berminat bleh contact Fa